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Bhutan trek

Trips to Bhutan: trek

Bhutan also known as the Dragon Kingdom is a rich mosaic of different cultures, traditions, life styles, ethnic groups, languages and belief systems. It is astounding that a country with a population of just over half a million speaks as many as nineteen different dialects and a few major languages. Diverse as it may seem, yet the Bhutanese socio-culture fabric is well interlaced and harmonized mainly due to the common thread of simple Buddhist values that the people share. Our cultural tours are the easiest way to get a taste of Bhutan. Each town has a Dzong dating back from the 1600s, and many old temples and monasteries. In our trip, we will visit Thimphu valley (the capital of Bhutan) and Paro.

AWR offers customized private tours in Bhutan starting any day of the year. Below are sample itineraries, but we can customize your trip and accommodations to suit your interests.

11-Day Druk Trek Staff Pick

Our most popular trek in Bhutan with beautiful scenery and friendly local people

Starting at $3495/person

Overview | Itinerary | Pricing

12-Day Haa Trek

A more remote, less traveled trek

Starting at $3745/person

Overview | Itinerary | Pricing

15-Day Chomolhari Trek

One of the most spectacular treks in the Himalayas

Starting at $3745/person

Overview | Itinerary | Pricing

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